Little Dixie Works (LDW) is the product of what was originally a hobby of collecting items related to the Civil War, Grand Army of the Republic, and United Confederate Veterans.  LDW was established to serve as an outlet and marketplace for other collectors interested in adding to their collection.  We specialize in GAR, and UCV souvenirs. We have a broad range of items that not only include GAR and UCV but also World War I and World War II that should accommodate the need of any level of collector.  We collaborate with our peers in searching to locate specific pieces.  So, if you are looking for something special, please feel free to contact us.  Not only do we sell, but are also interested in buying.  If you have an item you think we might want to take a look at, please let us know. We are especially interested in items specific to the 1918 UCV Reunion held in Tulsa, OK.   

We make every effort to ensure the authenticity of all of our items.  Every item we post is kept in a climate controlled environment.